Seneca Steel was asked to send a crew to Hawaii to do maintenance, repair and at least one rebuild of stokers at a sugar mill on one of the islands.  We have enough tools and equipment to maintain at least five crews doing simultaneous projects.  We packed up a container laden with tools and sent some very happy workers off to Hawaii during an Ohio winter.  When they arrived, they found plenty of work that needed to be done.  One of the stokers had so much damage around the solid fuel feeder chutes that much of the stoker wall around the chutes had to be cut out and replaced.

Many previous attempts at repairs added to its current condition, but our men were able to rebuild it to its original strength. 


Here are a number of pictures taken of the three stokers during the repair and maintenance phase, just to give you an idea of the size of the projects.  Seneca Steel was able to get the job done well within the customer's timeframe.  Photo Album