Our capabilities and in-house resources allow us to provide total site construction and in-plant support services.  Our capabilities include the following:

. Stoker repairs and rebuilds
. Millwright work
. Rigging
. Steel Erection (Excluding light gauge and high rises)
. Burner installations (Excluding water wall tube modifications)
. Install and repair material handling equipment (Mechanical & Pneumatic)
. Duct work and piping
. Welding (arc, mig, and tig)
. Fabrication of Steel Products
. Conveyor Installation
. Equipped to move large machines

Note:  In addition to the above we also provide maintenance service contracts which assist plant maintenance programs by adding additional men to their work force.

Construction Equipment

We have a portable key mill, which allows us to cut up to 1 1/4" keyways in shafts up to 10" in diameter while in the field.

We have a large fleet of trucks, trailers, welders, forklifts, all of which our in-house mechanics maintain in good, safe working order to ensure we are always ready to roll.  Of course we have access to any type of crane that might be needed for a rigging project.