Stoker Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is absolutely critical with stokers, especially when so much is dependent on their continuous operation.  Having a specialized company like Seneca Steel to come in for regular inspections will keep you abreast of what is happening within that stoker.  A detailed report on the findings is provided and a copy is provided to your stoker representative.  The stoker rep will generally give a report as well.  These regular reports will help you to make informed decisions to keep the plant operating smoothly.

Most of the wear we find in stokers is in the bearings.  With the combination of intense heat, constant wear, and sometimes lack of proper lubrication or allowing the stoker to get too hot, they can damage the bars. 

Not only will we locate and report on any damage, but we will also make maintenance recommendations if we see any areas that may need extra attention.  There is no reason that you should have any uncertainty regarding the condition of your stoker.  Give us a call at 800-853-8225.